Author-selected Quote from the Book #3

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Author-selected Quote from the Book #3:

“I read a book once where some white man wrote ‘These are the days that try men’s souls.’ Now I don’t know about the time he was goin’ through, but it could not—could not, I say—be worse than today!”

The room knew there was no stopping Auntie once she got going.

“No. We need the Lord today …”

“Amen!” cried the crowd, many on their feet.

“But as much as that, we need good men, strong men and women, to lead us through the darkness.” Auntie turned and stared at Stokes, raising her cane to indicate him. “We need those with the strength, the ability, and the nerve to protect us. To help those who are weak.”

Many turned to Stokes and his sister, Toya, sitting back in the pews. “Amen!” they shouted again.

“We live in deprivation,” Auntie continued.

“You know it, sister!”

“But we do not lack in intelligence, in courage, or in love of our neighbor.” Auntie’s eyes drilled into Stokes. He fought to keep contact. Stokes had done things most would consider evil, rising in the ranks of his gang, the Shujaa, named in the 1970s from the Swahili word for warrior. Auntie had a power over all those in the Poynt, and even Stokes had to look away from the steel in her eyes.

Her voice softened. “This is a new day. This is a new beginning. What has gone before was before. If things get worse”—she shook her head, taking in the room—“and they look to get worse, we have only each other to rely on.”

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