Excerpt from “Prologue”

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Excerpt from “Prologue”:

Maria rushed through the alley made by cages, wiping up all matter
of debris where she sprayed, while the ill-appearing cats watched
her with empty eyes. She hated double duty. Unlike Justo, Maria took her
position seriously. There were bigger and better things coming than being
a research assistant. Justo did what needed to be done and no more, leaving
her this mess on his day off after her weekend. The cats with feline herpes,
Justo’s charges, would get the attention first today, and then she could
concentrate on her babies, the genetically modified rats that would put her,
Maria Castaneda, on the top of PhD program lists, maybe even get her into
the United States and out of Mexico City. Maria already made the mistake
of looking in on her charges; the rat dorm resembled a pigsty and would
take some time to put right. Her jaw clenched thinking of the select words
she’d have with Justo: If you gave any of my rats your cat cooties, I will report

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