Excerpt from “Chapter 1 – April 10; Z Day 1”

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Excerpt from “Chapter 1 – April 10; Z Day 1”:

Busayo eyed the fare he’d picked up at La Guardia. The man was covered
in sweat on a cool night, barely above fifty degrees. Initially, Busayo
thought he’d been given a gift to drive the well-dressed man to a high-end
Manhattan hotel near Central Park. What little he could get from the businessman
was the name of his hotel and that one should never eat a steak at an
airport. A few blocks from his Central Park hotel, the man began to seize.

“Hey!” Busayo pulled the cab into the edge of the park. The driver
jumped out and yanked the back door open. Spittle and foam leached from
the businessman’s mouth, and with a last moan, his breath stopped. “Shit!”
Busayo checked the man’s pulse at the neck and wiped the slime and spittle
onto his pants. The cab’s medallion was contracted to his cousin. Busayo
could not legally work, so his cousin loaned him the cab overnight for 70
percent of the fares and a full tank of gas. Even at 2:00 a.m., the traffic
along Fifty-Ninth Street would begin to notice a parked cabbie swearing.
Busayo shut the door and looked for a more secluded spot. A hospital
would ask too many questions. He found a good place near the dumpster
behind a restaurant. Busayo crossed himself and pulled the man from the
car. It was unchristian to leave the body, but Busayo had done worse things
in his former home for worse reasons. Someone would find the passenger
in the morning. The cabbie made sure that all of the man’s belongings were
out of the car, wiping down what he could see. He couldn’t have the body
dump coming back to ruin things for his family.

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