Excerpt from “Chapter 3 – April 13; Z Day 4”

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Excerpt from “Chapter 3 – April 13; Z Day 4”:

“I suspect the CDC docs underestimated how quickly this could
spread,” President Paulson said, staring at his TV. He had been getting
calls since midnight and looked like a man with no sleep. An aide
brought him a fresh shirt and jacket while he gave himself a quick shave in
front of an Oval Office mirror.

“At this time, we’ve counted well over a thousand cases, most currently
centered in New York, San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago. A
lot of health care workers. A nurse in San Antonio attacked her neighbors
yesterday. It turns out she’d been bitten by a patient the day before. Dr.
Goodman from the CDC is on his way.” Gehler rolled his neck.

“Oh, God, the whistler? Why can’t we get the other one?” Paulson
wiped his face.

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