Excerpt from “Chapter 4 – April 14; Z Day 5.”

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Excerpt from “Chapter 4 – April 14; Z Day 5.”:

Emma woke before dawn to pounding. Not really pounding, more of
a steady beating. She checked her pulse—seventy-eight; almost down
to her normal. She felt the need to use the restroom, desperately. The
waste bin held two empty bags of saline with the one still connected halfempty.
No wonder Emma thought as she tested her feet, found that they
would hold, and pushed the IV pole into the hall. Detective Williams sat
with his back to one door, gun in his lap, and Andy at the other, holding a
flimsy aluminum rod from an IV pole. Emma thought of all the zombie
movies and shows that started with the hero waking in a hospital bed with
the world around him forever changed. This had to be a dream or a fevered
nightmare, but she was awake, watching her new friend without military
training try to keep guard.

Emma peeked into the next patient room and saw the blood on the
floor and the body on the bed. She stepped back into the hallway, caught
Andy’s eye, and then mouthed “bathroom.” He jerked his head toward the
nurse’s station. Emma found the nurse with the cold voice under a desk,
arms around her knees with her face tucked in. Emma could see the mascara
tracks trailing down the side of her cheeks and onto the knees of the
maroon scrubs. Emma wanted to stop but the call of nature was too urgent.
Emma nodded and kept walking to the room with a woman’s silhouette.

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