Excerpt from “Chapter 5 – April 15–16; Z Days 6–7”

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Excerpt from “Chapter 5 – April 15–16; Z Days 6–7”:

Sammy Jo got an early start. Mrs. Elvira Polk sat snugly in the sidecar
with blankets tucked around. She complained about being
treated like an invalid. After all, the Indian Warrior was hers, and despite
recent hip surgery, she was more than capable of driving it herself. Martin
lived in Seattle and wanted to protect his mother. He felt that she would be
safer in the city where the military closely monitored all vehicles coming in.
The panic room in his apartment could be sealed and held several days’
worth of food and water.

Without traffic, the drive would take about two hours, generally less,
State Highway 8 to I-5, but I-5 into Seattle was blocked by stalled cars and
military roadblocks. It might take days. Instead, they’d stick to the country
roads and side streets in the many towns and cities, working their way

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