Excerpt from “Chapter 6 – April 17; Z Day 8”

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Excerpt from “Chapter 6 – April 17; Z Day 8”:

Peter woke with a persistent poking.

“Peter, it’s morning. Let’s go!”

Peter peeked down into the kitchen and swung himself to the prep
table and then grabbed her.

“We have to stock up. Breakfast, and then we load the car. I’ll find
some tubing I can use as a gas siphon. There were a few more gas cans in
the boat shed. I’d love to get some weapons, but there’s just too many Zs in
the guard tower.”

Virginia ham and canned peaches started the day, and then they went
on to the boatshed. Sara found some flares while rummaging through supply
boxes, and Peter took tubing and three almost-empty gas cans. Sara’s
father’s Outback had a little over half a tank and thankfully took regular.
Using heavy-duty kitchen utensils, they pried the tank covers open on a
couple of cars and managed to fill the SUV and the cans. Around noon,
they were ready. Sara found some AM stations still broadcasting. Peter
stopped her when he heard a familiar voice and smiled. Emma was still OK.

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