Excerpt from “Chapter 8 – April 21–24; Z Days 12–15”

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Excerpt from “Chapter 8 – April 21–24; Z Days 12–15”:

Gus and the men of the unit arrived and went through a thorough
physical exam and detailed account of their diet for the last few days.
They were monitored for twelve hours prior to being allowed into the
main part of the compound. The briefing would be at dawn.

Gus found a place to unroll his mat, and he slept better than expected.
He woke over an hour before daybreak, listening to crying babies and humming
mothers. Others swore at the noise, and Gus smiled. Humanity. The
briefing was just that, brief. Army intelligence deduced that the compound
had been overrun but not how. The rumor from a man with a radio said
that many survivors retreated into Seattle proper and were holing up in the
Space Needle. Good for defense, terrible for evacuation. There was no survivor
count, and the information could not be confirmed. The Atlanta contingent
would meet up with a troop from Cheyenne on the ground one
click from the Space Needle. The president was not in Cheyenne, so he
must be in Seattle. His safe extraction was the number-one priority.

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