Excerpt from “Chapter 9 – April 25–28; Z Days 16–19”

ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1) by Carol Lynski

Excerpt from “Chapter 9 – April 25–28; Z Days 16–19”:

Sara continued to improve, and was almost done with the antibiotics, but
the town found excuse after excuse for the engineer not to leave. Peter
had an escort, morning and night, and he was never left alone long enough to
sneak out. Sara attended school daily and was allowed to wander. She explored
every inch of the compound, reporting her finds back to Peter as they ate their
evening meal. The old jail housed all the guns confiscated when people entered
the town and was under heavy guard, so Peter knew that there would be no
additional weapons to the katana if they found the chance to bolt.

Day sixteen started the same way as had any other over the previous
ten days. The crank radios were set up and working, AM stations carried
the news. Ireland’s Father Patrick had cleared Killarney and was working
his way across the island. The immune priest felt called by God to eliminate
the scourge from the green paradise as Saint Patrick had driven out
the snakes. Listening to the news gave the community something to discuss
besides the food; today’s breakfast was oatmeal with prunes. They were out
of raisins, sugar, syrup, and most anything else that was sweet. But they had
food. Some of the other shelter sites they were in contact with were running
out and needing to go farther afield to resupply. Parris Island was
overpopulated, diverting everyone to Hilton Head and Savannah, and
those there could not spare any supplies.

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